"A Beautiful Lie" - Thirty Seconds To Mars

WinterMob #1

Our first winter rocknmob was on February 4th in Kuzminki Park, Moscow. On this day we were melting the snow by playing "A Beautiful Lie" by Thirty Seconds To Mars!

Really cold weather (-12°C) could not scare true rockers, which has been proven by 60+ musicians who participated in this incredible show!

Army of rock
keyboardists 10
singers 24
drummers 5
Bassists 10
Guitarists 19

Rocknmob #3

October 8th, 2016

Hermtiage Garden, Moscow

We rocked your socks off with 3 songs:

This House Is Not For Sale

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi fans, we heard you and this song is for you! And for Bon Jovi too of course :)

The Show Must Go On


We tributed to incredible rock-artist Freddie Mercury from legendary Queen – this year he would have been 70.

Moscow Calling

Gorky Park

Moscow was calling by performing "Moscow Calling" - a song of one of the most famous Soviet/Russian rock-bands Gorky Park.

They joined us:


Pierre Edel

Finalist of the "Voice" show in France, Ukraine and Russia

Michael Shaev

Guitarist of "ARDA" band

Alexander Vorontsov

Bassist of "Adaen" band

352 signed up:
keyboradists 16
singers 90
drummers 27
Basists 62
Guitarists 151

Rocknmob Самара #1

September 4th, 2016

Strukovsky Park, Samara

21 Guns - Green Day

Shut Your Mouth - Pain

Army of Rock:
keyboardists 5
singers 10
drummers 11
bassists 17
guitarists 29


Army of Rock is starting journey from Moscow!

Last year guys from small Italian city Cesena organized unbelievably awesome event, when 1000 musicians performed Foo Fighter's "Learn to fly", just to ask an American band to come and to play concert in Cesena!

And that performance, for sure, has inspired a lot of people all over the world, including us! We could not get this event and performance out of our heads for a long time, we wanted to let the idea of these crazy Italian guys live longer, so here we are!

Rock-n-mob is the new rock format: orchestra of more than 70 musicians: drummers, guitarists, bass-guitarists, keyboardists, singers and who knows, maybe somebody else! First rock-n-mobs will be performed in famous Gorky Park in Moscow.

Everyone can participate - the more people we gather, the more awesome our performance gets! We will rock together, we will figure out together all the questions with respect to equipment, and we will be planning our performances together too.

 July, 30th, 2016

Rock-n-mob #2

Gorky Park, Moscow

It's my life - Bon Jovi

What I've done - Linkin Park

Who joined us:


Sergey Golovin

One of the best Russian guitarists

Michael Shaev

Lead-guitarist of "ARDA" band

Blondinka Ksu

Igor Ovchinnikov

Blondinka Ksu's guitarist

Alexander Vorontsov

Bassist of "Adaen" band

Several well-known Russian musicians joined the second Rock-n-mob, and this time we gathered around 150 performers!

213 signed up:
Keyboardists 10
Singers 55
Drummers 30
Bass-guitarists 40
Guitarists 68

Rocknmob #2 - feedback

What bands whose songs we played think about us:

Muse "Starlight"

Our first rock-n-mob was on June, 18th, in Gorky Park, Moscow. It was quite challenging though: the weather was really bad for several weeks in a row, but it could not stop us!

Eventually, 80 wonderful musicians did play "Starlight" by Muse! Watch the video and feel the energy of the first rock-n-mob!

Rock-n-mob #1
Keyboardists 10
Singers 17
Drummers 8
Bass-guitarists 25
guitarists 20


We have prepared answers to several most popular questions. But feel free to write us on hello@rocknmob.com or even call us +79057476250, we will answer any other questions you may have!

I'm not a musician, can I participate?

For sure! We need photographers, cameramans, video editors, coordinators, journalists! Reach us and we will find you a place in our team!

I'm a journalist

Perfect! We are ready to share a lot of interesting details and we will keep you updated. Reach us and we will start collaborating!

Can I become sponsor or partner?

Of course! Right now we are doing everything on our own expenses - organization, equipment, rehearsals and coordination. Therefore if you want to help us somehow - be sure to let us know! 

Do I have to pay? Can I get paid?

Everyone is participating just for fun, therefore you don't need to pay to participate, and you won't get paid too.


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