Event format

This is an offline event - you just need to record a video and send it to us!

Watch tutorials

Scroll down to watch the tutorials you need to play according to

Record the video with a PHONE or GoPro

Shoot a video using your phone/GoPro/etc. of you performing according to the tutorials at home, in garage, on a balcony (wherever you want). You don't need to record audio separately!

Send us a link

Upload your video to Yandex.drive, Google Drive or Dropbox and submit the form!


We have prepared video tutorials, sheet music, instrumental tracks (drumless, bassless, etc.), example tracks and even a GuitarPro file with all instruments!


Please pay attention to the recording details!


It is important that you play according to our tutorials, so we can use your audio in the final mix!

Single clap

Please don't forget to add single clap in the beginning (as shown in the tutorials) - it'll make the life of our sound engineers much easier :)


Please, record the video in horizontal format


Name your file as follows: Country-City-Name-Surname.mp4, so we won't mess up when working on the final video


While recording the video, listen to the audio track using headphones (so, there's no background sound with our tracks). Also make sure that your video has decent sound without any stuttering


Use your imagination while recording - costumes, visual backgrounds, logos, etc. are certainly welcome!


Contact our Facebook page if you need any help!

I have recorded the video!

Are you ready? You have performed according to the tutorials, the sound within the video is not stuttering , and you certainly clapped in the beginning? :)

We are in touch