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The main dreamer and organizer of first Rock-n-mob in Samara Andrew Kashkarov has told us his story:

I watched the video from the first rock-n-mob where friend of mine has participated, and realized that I wanna be there too! I asked him how to join next event, then learned my parts for the selected songs and bought flight tickets to Moscow. And the event was full of emotions, adrenaline and energy!!! I can’t even remember when I was so excited last time!

After coming back to Samara, I shared my story and experience to my friends and many of them decided to join rocknmob too. And that is how the idea of bringing rocknmob to Samara has been born!

I started out with simple questionnaire for my musician-friends , then talked to other people and even my clients (actually I’m a barber!), and tried to find out how to organize such an event. It turned out that the idea was around, just there was no one brave enough to get it started.

We went to Department of Culture in Samara, then we’ve been redirected to the administration of “Parks of Samara”, and they promised us a place in Strukovski Park near to Volga river. In the same time we were thinking about technical part of the event. And our friends were always helping us!

Moscow Coming: 1000+ km, 3 cars, 17 people

17 people traveled all the way to Samara in order to participate in Rocknmob Samara #1!

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Emotions of participants and spectators

Well, hell yeah, #rocknmob #rocknmobsamara yesterday was unforgettable event! Guys, musicians, technicians, spectators...HUGE THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! I love you! Next spring we have to do it again! But it should be bigger and more awesome!

Special thanks go to our friends from Moscow and to my new cool friend Kirill. Our small vocal battle in Houston Bar was mind-blowing one ))) And, you know, I've got goosebumps after #rocknmob!!

Excitement! Adrenaline! Emotions!
I'm just happy to be part of it!
First Rocknmob Samara is a history now! But I really hope there will be more!
Long live rock-n-roll!!!
#rocknmob #rocknmobsamara

Well done. Everything was awesome. It's wonderful that there are creative and active people in Samara who can bring so much emotions and joy to others!

It was really cool! Can't even remember when I've got so much emotions last time!

It was awesome!!! Musicians are really cool guys, it's really great that there are people who are ready to participate in something like this. And of course - a lot of thanks to organizers who managed to get it done in short period of time!

Music is the world where everyone speaks the same language, there are no wars, there are only emotions and unity!

Thanks to organizers to make it possible!
It's such a wonderful feeling when you are part of something big!
Long live our musical city! URAAAAA!

Army of Rocknmob Samara


Our heroes

Andrey Kashkaroff

Andrey Pylnov

Sound managers

Andrew Lebedev

Vitaly Kozhukhov

Roman Kosterin


Eugene Zhamoydik


Igor Ivanov

Valery Safin

Anton Senko

Elena and Vlad Senko

IT & social media

Igor Mitrofanov


Alexey Akhteryakov

Artur Bartretdinov

Michael Sheremetyev

Eugene Bochkarev

Michael Ukhoff

Nina Zharova

Semen Lukyanov

Alexey Psyhicheckiy

Vasiliy Kuznetsov

Vitaliy Tregub

Valentina Ananyeva

Lena Dobraya

Anton Proforfyev

Andrey Vechkanov

Michael Klimov

Andrey Osintsev


To "Parks of Samara" for helping us organizing the event

To Radio "Samara-Maximum" for broadcasting news about #rocknmob.

To Michael Kucheryavy and his "BarZombie"

To men's barbershop "BigBro"

To Alex Psyhicheckiy!

To everyone who participated, watched us, spread information and to everyone who was with us!


Andrey Kashkaroff (lead)

Andrej Novikov

Andrej Pyl'nov

Bondarev Aleksej


Anna Malkina

Roman Arsenin

Egor Chumanov

Sergej "Porthos" Blagovestov

Ekaterina Bredixina


Aleksandr Kibler

Dar'ya Bezlyudnaya

Ekaterina Ilexmetkina

Kirill Birman

Aleksej Psixicheskij

Dar'ya Bezlyudnaya

Elena Andreeva

Polina Gorshenyova

Aleksej Psixicheskij

Ekaterina Buxareva

Kashkarov Denis


Michael Shaev (lead)

Dmitry Timoshkin (lead)

Aleksandr Kovrov

Il'ya Gurin

Anton Vetrov

Sergej Mineichev

Igor' Kozlov


Serj Nightsnake

Vanurin Svyatoslav


Anatolij Ozhigov

Vechkanov Andrej

Ramil' SHajmardanov

Artem Dudin

Grigor'ev Roman

Svyatoslav Vanurin



Oxana Petruk


Valeria Ermakova

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